The NOMS (previously NOMS/IM) Steering Committee (NISC) coordinates the nomination and decision processes for the two prestigious awards presented at NOMS conferences to recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to the network, system and service management community. The two awards are:


The DAN STOKESBERRY AWARD presented in memory of IM’97 Chair Dan Stokesberry at the NOMS conference on odd-numbered years (previously IM) to an individual who has made a particularly distinguished technical contribution to the growth of the field.

The recipients of the Dan Stokesberry award are:

1997: Robbie Cohen
1999: Morris Sloman
2001: Heinz-Gerd Hegering
2003: Aurel Lazar
2005: John Strassner
2007: Joe Hellerstein
2009: Raouf Boutaba
2011: George Pavlou
2013: James Won-Ki Hong
2015: Rolf Stadler
2017: Nikos Anerousis
2019: Olivier Festor
2021: Filip De Turck
2023: Luciano Paschoal Gaspary


The SALAH AIDAROUS AWARD presented in memory of NOMS’04 Chair Salah Aidarous at the NOMS conference on even-numbered years to an individual who has provided unremitting service and dedication to the IT and Telecommunications Network Operations and Management community.

The recipients of the Salah Aidarous Award are:

2004: Roberto Saracco
2006: Douglas N. Zuckerman
2008: Veli Sahin
2010: Masayoshi Ejiri
2012: Raouf Boutaba
2014: Prosper Chemouil
2016: Aiko Pras
2018: Mehmet Ulema
2020: Alexander Clemm
2022: Lisandro Z. Granville

Nominations for these awards are to be submitted to the NISC chair by email ( no later than one month prior to the NOMS conference. Award presentations will be made at each conference.