Minutes of CNOM/IFIP WG6.6 Joint Meeting @NOMS 2016

CNOM/IFIP WG6.6 Joint Meeting @NOMS 2016 was held in 17:30-18:30, April 26, 2016 at Istanbul Technical University, Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey. The summary of the meeting is as follows.




List of attendees:
Prosper Chemouil (Orange Labs.)
Nadjib Aitsaadi (UPEC)
Marcus Brunner (Swisscom)
Rémi Badonnel (LORIA/INRIA)
Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville (UFRGS)
Marc-Oliver Pahl (Tech. U. Munich)
Aiko Pras (U. Twente)
Burkhard Stiller (UZH)
Rolf Standler (KTH)
Baliosian Javier (Udelar)
Yixin Diao (IBM Research)
Brendan Jennings (WIT)
Mehmet Ulema (Manhattan)
Raouf Boutaba (U. Waterloo)
Paulo Simoes (U. Coimbra)
Luciano Gaspary (UFRGS)
Masayoshi Ejiri
Jose Marcos Nogueira (UFMG)
Giovane Moura (TU Delft)
Alberto Schaeffer-Filho (UFRGS)
Andreas Mauthe (Lancaster U.)
Liam Fallon (Ericsson)
Clarissa Marquezan (Huawei)
John Keeney (Ericsson)

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