BEA Systems, Inc. (now part of Oracle Inc.)
Provides information on BEA TUXEDO, the core of BEA Distributed Application Framework, a robust suite of middleware for building and managing mission-critical client/server applications. The BEA Distributed Application Framework includes products providing connectivity across multiple operating environments, development services, and management.

Enterasys, Inc. (now Extreme Networks Inc.)
Extreme Management Center Suite.

Cisco Systems
This site provides info on Cisco internetworking solutions for corporate intranets and the global Internet including: High-Speed LAN Switching Products, Routers, dial-up access servers and Network Management software.

Hewlett Packard
HP OpenView Product Suite.

Intergraph Corporation
Information management solutions across heterogeneous and open computer environments.

InterWorking Labs, Inc.
InterWorking Labs provides software for insuring interoperability, compliance and correct operation of all "network manageable" products.

NextPoint Networks
Business Centric Network Management software.

Objective Systems Integrators, Inc. supplies leading software solutions for managing communications services, networks, and equipment across complex, multivendor environments. This site also provides info on NetExpert® product, a powerful, standards-based software framework that provides an open suite of operational support and Network Management applications.

IBM Corp.
Management solutions. Information on NetView.

It is a leading provider of object database management systems for the network computing infrastructure.