CNOM actively promotes publication of research results in the IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, which is “a journal for timely publication of archival research on the management of networks, systems, services and applications, as well as on issues in communications software, service engineering, policies and business processes for network and service management.” This is an online only publication.

Also CNOM runs a periodical Network Softwarization and Management Series in IEEE Communication Magazine, which is published twice a year, with issues appearing in April and October. The series intends to provide articles on the latest developments in this well-established and thriving discipline. Published articles are expected to highlight recent research achievements in this field and provide insight into theoretical and practical issues related to the evolution of network and service management from different perspectives.

CNOM members also regularly publish research results in Springer’s Journal of Network and Service Management which provides “an international forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original research results as well as surveys and case studies in the fields of network and systems management.”

CNOM members also regularly publish research results in Wiley’s International Journal of Network Management.

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