Salah Aidarous is the Director of Product Planning, NEC America, working on 3G Wireless and IP-based networks management. Salah has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications networks planning and development. His current interests include next generation network planning, impact of new IT/Telecom technologies, and network. Prior to NEC America, he worked for Nortel Technology (formerly Bell Northern Research) on network planning, introduction of new technologies in transport and switching networks, network and service management, and standards for interoperability. He participated in the planning and development of several products for Nortel, Bell Canada, and Telecom Canada (now Stentor). He has been involved in several projects with service providers in North America, South America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile), and Japan. Salah Aidarous has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and held various academic positions at Carleton University, University of Ottawa, Université de Louvain, and Ain Shams University. In addition to teaching and supervision of graduate researchers, he was principle investigator for several research grants and contracts in digital mobile radio, CATV, expert systems technology, and published over 100 papers. Salah is Senior Technical Editor of IEEE Networks Magazine, ComSoc Editor for the IEEE Internet Computing Magazine, and a member of JSAC Editorial Advisory Board. He is co-editor/author of “Network Management into the 21st Century: Techniques, Standards, Technologies and Applications”, “Telecommunications Network Management: Technologies and Implementations”, and co-editor of the IEEE Press Series on Network Management. He is ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer, and has been a very active member in CNOM since its creation.