Dear Friends,

I am very sory to inform you that our friend Salah Aidarous
passed away yesterday at 8:20 PM.
We put him to rest today.
He was sick for the last five months.
He had liver cancer and spreaded all of his body.

— Veli Sahin

I am deeply saddened by this news and pray that his soul rest in peace. He will always be remembered for his many very significant contributions.
To me personally, he was a good friend and a colleague that I always counted on.

— Shri Goyal

I am deeply saddened with Salah’s passing away.
I can’t find words to express my feelings at this moment.

I called Gayle today and let her and ComSoc know about this news.

We should plan for a special ceremony at the plenary of IM, among other things.

— Mehmet Ulema

I am so saddened to hear that Salah has passed away.
I knew that he was fighting with the liver cancer but I thought he would
pull through. I talked to him only a couple of weeks away…..
I will miss him very much as I am sure all of you as well as all the other
people that had knew him.

I will pray that he will rest peacefully in the heaven.

Best regards,

— James Won-Ki Hong

Thanks to Veli’s various updates earlier, I have followed Salah’s
unfortunate struggle with this illness. When he mentioned 2 weeks ago
that he was sent to home from the hospital for the inevitable end, I
prepared myself for the sad news that we all heard yesterday.

I hope some of you like Gayle can get this sad news into the IEEE monthly
newspaper’s (which is distributed with Spectrum to the members) obituary
section. This way more people who knew Salah will learn his very untimely
departure. Starting with his family, I would like to convey my condolences
to all of Salah’s friends and colleagues.


— Cengiz Akgun

I was also very shocked and saddened to hear about our long standing friend and colleague. I’ve also directly informed the ComSoc president, Celia Desmond, who has initiated having ComSoc send something to the family. Also, I’ve sent an email to the BoG asking if perhaps it would be appropriate to rename the existing ComSoc Publications Achievement Award in Salah’s memory, e.g., Salah Aidarous Award for Achievement in Publications. We should also do something in the closing plenary at IM 2003 – any suggestions? Our friend Salah left us too soon…

— Doug Zuckerman

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am deeply saddened by passing away of my good friend Salah.
As his friend I wish to express my deepest sympathy and condolences
to all. May his soul rest in peace and may GOD grants his family the
strength to bear the burden of this tremendous loss.

I will always remember him with fond memories of traveling together
to Korea and many professional interaction we have had during the past

With Deepest Sympathy,
— Christian Rad
AT&T Labs

I do feel very sad about this happening. I have lost a very estimated collegue as well as a good friend, always ready and available for support and suggestions.

— Enrico
Telecom Italia Lab

I too would like to express my sympathies as well.
I informed Jack Howell and Celia Desmond last night.
We are presently working on putting a note in the next issue of Comm mag that is just about to go to press.
I agree with Doug & Mehmet that we should do something special at IM. (we can discuss this offline)

— Gayle Weisman
IEEE Communications Society

I have been talking to Salah regularly the last few months until last Thursday. Yet, it was a big shock to me. Like many of you I have lost a friend and a colleague. I will pray for him.

— Raouf Boutaba

It is really so sorry to hear that our great friend -Salah has passed away.
Let me join you to express my deep condolences to Salah’s family, relatives.
I will pray for him to rest in peaceful heaven.
“As we mourn a dear one gone, And the tears unbidden come;
While we bow our heads in grief, Comfort Lord ! Bring sweet Relief !!”

Best regards,
— S.B. Kim

I’m really shocked! I never imagined that Salah was sick – and he
never mentioned it.
I invited him for a talk at the ITS 2002, in Natal, a couple of months
ago and he was
looking good at that time.

I even introduced him during the event to a friend of mine, Orlando,
Dean of
the Institute of Technology, who offered him a position at SUNY.

Salah was a very dear friend and we had great times together, in
Canada, Australia,
England, Brazil and United States. He was also a competent Engineer,
and Author. I’ll surely miss him.


— Marcelo Sampaio de Alencar

It is devastating.

It is impossible to cope with the reality that you can not any more to see
his smiling face and always participative mind. We lost a brilliant thinker,
passionate leader, and a hearty person.

— Gabriel (Gabe) Jakobson

What a sad news!

I believe Salah deserves the gratitude of the entire ComSoc community for his generous and effective dedication to the advancement of our profession.

We have lost also a great friend.

— Maurizio Decina

I am also totally shocked by the loss of my good friend Salah.
I believe I have a photo with Salah that was taken in San Antonio in 2001 when we signed the new NOMS and IFIP agreements. Actually if I recall correctly the picture was taken by Doug and he might also have the picture.


— J. Roberto Boisson de Marca

Personally I didn´t know Salah, but I read so many papers, articles and abstracts from him. He was brilliant.
I´m so sorry. Please, if you know his family, send them a warm salute from me, a distant guy from Uruguay, South America.

— Ing. Marcelo Abreu

I am very sad with the bad news. Salah was a very dear friend. We had great times together in Colombia, USA and Brasil, where I participated as a speaker in a special panel about Network Management (ITU, Americas TELECOM – 1996).

Salah was an excellent speaker and an important support in several seminars and courses in Colombia.
IEEE lost a brilliant thinker and a great person.
I consider that it’s a good idea to rename the existing ComSoc Publications Achievement Award in Salah’s memory.

— Aldo Forero Góngora
Communication Society Colombian Chapter

I am so sorry to hear about our loss. Salah has always
been so positive and so constructive. He taught with
passion and compassion and helped all his many
colleagues at all times.

He will be sorely missed.

I will support any effort to establish an award in his honor
and to honor his lasting memory with additional activities.

— Joe Betser.

The enterprise networking community is shocked to hear this news. Salah
Aidarous has been a regular vistor to this Asia-Pacific region in an active
role in almost all events held in the recent past. His enthusiasm, and jovial
nature endeared him to many people.
May His Soul Rest in Peace.

— Pradeep Kumar Ray

I´m very shocked and saddened about Salah, I read many
articles and abstracts from him. Please also send, if
another person knows his family, a warm salute from
every members of Brazilian Computer Society that
received this lost.

— André Sion F. Muniz Corrêa

I am also shocked at this sudden sad news. Couple of years back, we both
served in a panel discussion. He used to be a very friendly person. I was
communicating with him even a few months back when he showed interest in the
possibility of a faculty position. Let’s all pray for the departed soul.

— Atiquzzaman, Mohammed

I am deeply sorry to hear this sad news. It is very hard for me to believe
that Dr. Salah Aidarous passed away.

He has contributed no less than any other to the IEEE CNOM.
He has so good character, mindful, and always trying to help others with
heart. Salah has been a real friend to all of us.

I pray for him to take a peaceful rest in heaven.


— JT Park

I met Salah here in Argentina while I was the Argentina ComSoc Chapter Chair in 1999. He was a wonderful person.

I’m sending you in another e-mail some photographs of him while he was Key Note Speaker at a local Conference.

We’ll miss him…

Yours sincerely,

— Ricardo A. Veiga
Chairman IEEE – Argentina Section

I didn’t had the pleasure to know him, but the only thing that I can say
is that his legacy will last forever.

— Jorge E. Hernández M.

It was with great sadness that I learnt of the passing away of Salah.
Salah was a pillar of this community and worked tirelessly to advance
the state of the art in network and enterprise management. He served
with distinction in many leadership positions on CNOM and its associated
conferences, including many contributions to the Organizing and Program
committees of NOMS, IM, and DSOM. I still recall fondly the extremely
well-run DSOM in Ottawa in 1995 that was organized by him. He was also
a very gentle and caring person, and a good friend who will be greatly

— Adarsh Sethi

On behalf of the TeleManagement Forum, we would like to express our deep
sadness and shock at the passing of Salah. He was involved with the TMF over
many years and was always full of fun and good ideas. We shall all miss him.

We would be most grateful if you could convey our sympathies to his family.

Kind regards,

— Keith Willetts
Chairman, TeleManagement FORUM

Please convey my sincerest condolences. This is a sad day for the community.

— Alan Marshall

I am very sad with the bad news, personally I didn’t know him, but I read so
many papers and articles, He was brilliant thinker.
I’m so sorry.

— Julio Vázquez Barrios

Here in Rio, we are also sad for what happened
to Salah, he liked our country very much and
was a frequent visitor.

Please find attached some pictures from his
last DLT (2002) arranged by the Rio de Janeiro
Chapter of the Communications Society.

— José A. Apolinário Jr.
IEEE Com Soc Rio de Janeiro Chapter

Very sad, and cannot find any words; just tears….

— Makoto Yoshida
Professor, Education Systems Project
The University of Tokyo

I have met Salah in prepation of NOMS 2002. He was to me alsways very kind,
cooperating and full of good advices. After the conference closing in
Florence, we had a pleasant lunch together and we talked about our families,
our works etc. Surely all the community will miss him.
I am deeply sad and please give my heartly condolences to his family too.

— Clotilde Fertini
Instituto Inernazionale delle Comunicazioni

Like everyone, I am shocked and crushed to learn of Salah’s
untimely passing.

I had the good fortune to work with Salah at CNOM. He was a
wonderful colleague – warm, enthusiastic and energetic. We
will all miss him!

I strongly support Doug Zuckerman in saying: “We should also
do something in the closing plenary at IM 2003 … Our friend
Salah left us too soon…”

— J. Scott Marcus

We must all feel sad in moments like this because many things fade away,
especially those moments some of you have shared personally with Salah. It
is time to think about his work and presence during life, and remember him
forever to preserve his legacy for future generations. My condolences to his
family hoping that they will overcome this experience.

— Ricardo L. Alfaro

I am very shocked and sad about Salah’s passing away, as might be all the
that knew him. He was a very gentle person, a friend, a “transparent” man.
I knew him in NOMS 96 and since them we started a friendly relationship.

Salah was an enthusiast of Brazilian’s things and he helped us to promote
a number of events. Specially, he was a strong supporter of LANOMS. He
also gave contributions to events like Brazilian Symposium on
Computer Networks, Brazilian Telecomunication Society Symposium, among others.

We all will missing him, as a professional and as a good-hearted man.

— Jose Marcos Nogueira

Like you, I received the news of Salah’s passing away with shock and great
I have known Salah since DSOM 1996,
and always looked forward to meet him at our events,
where he always had an optimistic and happy outlook.
In addition to what was already mentioned, I would like to
highlight the effort and energy he invested engaging the community outside
the USA.
He will be missed…
Let us all commemorate his many contributions, at our next event, IM 2003.

— German Goldszmidt

I remember a two hours walking tour in Buenos Aires in 2000 with Salah, just talking about life and people, that was perhaps the best walk I have had in my city . After that I enjoyed an excellent conference about the impact of IP in telecommunications networks given by the same friendly Salah. I´ll try to get the photos . As Ricardo says we will miss him.

— Raul Sabio

I’m saddened by this completely unexpected news. Salah was a very dear
friend, with a pleasant personality, and always so cheerful …

As you know, he was one of the two Senior Technical Editors of Journal of
Network and Systems Management, representing CNOM, for many years; and he
was a member of Editorial Advisory Board during the past few years. He
contributed significantly to JNSM; he was also a panelist is several panels
I’d organized in various conferences.

I’ll write up a short tribute to him in the March issue of the Journal.
He’ll be missed.


— Manu Malek

I am so sorry to hear – this is so unexpected! Salah was such a dear friend
since we first met in BNR/Nortel nearly 10 years ago. He will be dearly

— Geng Lin

The Costa Rican ComSoc Chapter Directory Board as well as its membership
sincerely regrets the loss of a good friend : Salah Aidourious
We will always remember him for his visionary lecture in Costa Rica back in
2001 , for his extremely sincere remarks regarding IEEE during the lunch we
all enjoyed, and for his rewarding companionship during the trip from the San Antonio
Airport to the Congress Hotel.
We share the sorrow with his family

— Guillermo Rivero – Chairman
— Victor Martinez – Secretary Treasurer
— Blandon-Vice Presidente
— R. Trujillo – Advisor

I was very sad with that news. I had the pleasure for
inviting Salah Aidarous to stay with us for a week in Fortaleza, Ceara,
during the MMNS’2000. He was a very kind person.
We all will be missing him surely.

Best regards,

— Neuman.

I am very saddened with this sad news. My condolences goes to Salah’s
friends and colleagues. I am sure he will be missed as a valuable member
of CNOM and our community. God bless his soul.


— S. Erfani

Salah’s contributions at the professional level
were significant. At the personal level he was
a pleasure.

He will be missed. Please convey my condolences
to the family in this time of sorrow.

— Binay Sugla

Like the others, I’m also saddened.
My condolences.
I like many ideas I’ve heard so far: having a tribute on the web-site,
a write-up in JNSM, and doing something special at NOMS …

— Deep Medhi

So many have already spoken of how kind a person and provocative a thinker
was Salah. There is very little that I can add.

I was privileged to know Salah over many years, principally as an ardent
ComSoc volunteer. We will all miss and fondly remember him…whether
society volunteers, professional colleagues, friends, or family. He was
truly a great person and his memory will brighten and motivate our lives for
many, many years! His life is an inspiration to us all!

— Curtis Siller
President-Elect, IEEE Communications Society

All APNOMSers are sunk in grief to hear Salah’s passing away.
Sara’s contribution to APNOMS was outstanding as Keynote ( 2000), DEP
Panel(1999,2000,2002),Tutorial( 1998,1999,2001) speaker and International
Liaison( 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002). He gave us the largest number of
speeches and the most influential ones in APNOMS history.
We never forget his warmest and earnest support with friendly manner and a
sense of humor. He made APNOMS enjoyable as well as qualified and
successful symposium.
We miss our great friend . We pray for the repose of his soul and express
our condolences to his family.

Sincerely yours,

— Masayoshi Ejiri
Vice President

I am really sad with this bad and unexpected news. I had the great luck to know him, work with him and learn from him.
Thanks to Salah I had, as well, the opportunity to know and meet some of you. Salah was a good speaker, professional, teacher and friend.
As Aldo Forero said, he was an important support in several seminars, courses and projects in Colombia.
We are lost a great friend.
To all of you and specially to his family a fraternal embrace,


— Leonor Wilches-Chaux

I am very saddened. Salah has been a most active and inspiring actor in the Network Management
area. He also paid a lot of attention to “spell the gospel” in many countries and to many
people through lectures and tutorials. I will miss mostly, however, the friend.
Can we do something to remember him, like a best paper prize in Network Management?

— Roberto Saracco

As everyone, I am deeply saddened by the news that Salah Aidarous
passed away. The way our community is rallying around Salah is a testimony
of his deep roots in that community. I would like to contribute a few
photographs as a tribute to him. The complete collection photos
contributed by everyone will be a wonderful commemoration of Salah
at the places and times where and when he touched all of us.

— Robert Weihmayer

Like so many others I am deeply saddened and impacted to hear about Salah. It has given
me pause over the time since first hearing this news to reflect on what is really most
important in our lives and work. His loss has made me much more thoughtful about taking
the time to appreciate the unique value of each person we interact with professionally or
personally. I knew of Salah first from his time at BNR, where I often heard of his
numerous activities. Then in 1994 he (and Tom Plevyak) kindly invited me to write a
chapter in their co-edited volume on Network Management. Most recently Salah was involved
on behalf of CNOM as the sponsoring IEEE ComSoc organization for our upcoming DRCN 2003
conference. I was not aware that he was ill. We will remember Salah in some form (perhaps
in the name of a student paper prize) at DRCN this Fall.

Salah had an exceptionally productive and active career and helped many other people
along the way. I am sincerely saddened to hear of his passing.

Wayne D. Grover,
TRLabs and Professor, Dept. of Elect. & Comp. Eng., University of Alberta

I also didn’t have the opportunity to know Salah, but
I read his wonderful articles/publications. Indeed,
I’m deeply saddened to hear of his passing away.
Our condolences to all family members.

David Padi
The United Nations
Communications & Information Technology Services

I also met Salah during his lecture in the argentine ComSoc Chapter. After that
interesting and useful conference, we held a little chat with him and some of my
partners, so we had the oportunity to meet not only a smart person but also a nice,
gentle and funny one. It´s really a shocking and sad news. As I see that all over the
world mails are being interchanged, if someone in these mailing lists knows his family
and forwards these mails to it, it could be of a little support and confort to the pain
they are going through, by knowing how much he was so considered everywhere. I


Stella Maris Sirolli

The Communication Chapter of the Bolivia Section, feel very sad about the lost of a great
We had the opportunity to meet him from 23 to 26 of March 2002 here in La Paz, Bolivia,
in our first event as a new chapter.
We were very honored to met Salah not only because all his background and resume… but
for his quality of human being. We went to the Titicaca Lake ,the highest lake in the
world, and he was very happy to feel healthy and plenty of energy in all this altitude.
Salah spent time with all the students and the IEEE professionals. An of course he gave
us a great conference.

Our condolences to his family from all the members of the Communication Society and the
Bolivian Section.

Sandra Hidalgo
COMSOC Bolivia

I’ve just returned from vaction and I am saddened by this terrible news. I do agree that
something should be done to mark his contributon to the IEEE and the NM community.
Dave Milham BT

I am very sad to be informed of Salah’s passing!! I miss him very much!!

Yen-Wen Chen